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We welcome you, to Welcome Health!

Welcome Health is a multi-disciplinary hub where people can visit and get a holistic look into what can be adjusted and improved upon. 


We collaborate with local medical centers, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga/pilates studio, personal trainers and massage therapists that are around 5 minutes walk from our clinic!

  • We are professional but friendly.

  • Knowledgeable but always improving.

  • And we love to share our passion for health.

We love to educate, so are always willing to answer any of your questions, inspire and motivate you to maintain and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our Team

Dr. David Huang

Founder and Chiropractor of Welcome Health

Doctor of Chiropractic B.Chiro Sc. M. Chiropractic

David completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. He was very fortunate to be approached by Dr. Mario Pribicevic and Dr. George Dragasevich (his senior lecturer/tutor) during his last semester of university to work with them post graduation . Mario has a PHD for the shoulder and George was the Chiropractor of the Australian Olympic team for eight years.

During the time that David worked with Mario and George, he was exposed to many sporting teams (including being the senior Chiropractor for the Manly premier AFL team) and leading-edge treatment technologies including shockwave therapy.

Having a burning passion for promoting good health, David’s vision is to educate and help as many people to reach their health potential right into their senior years.

The photo on the left is Dr. David, Dr. Mario and Dr. George, 2015

Dr. Tony Wu

Chiropractor and Sports Physiotherapist of Welcome Health 

BAppSc (Physio) MHSc (Sports Physio) at University of Sydney 

M.Chiro at Macquarie University

Tony completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. With a desire to broaden his knowledge and techniques, Tony further his studies to complete his Masters in Chiropractic at the University of Macquarie.

Since completing his degree, Tony has worked in both public and private practices across Sydney. He also brings experience from orthopaedic and fracture management from his work at Katoomba Based Hospital and Nepeaon Hospital.

He uses his personal experience from rehabilitation of his own injuries and his knowledge of spinal biomechanics to integrate a holistic approach to physiotherapy. He offers a range of skills, including manual therapy, manual joint manipulation, myofascial release techniques, and prescribe functional exercise program.

Tony has particular interests in treating neck and shoulder, lower back pain, TMJ, feet and ankles, knees and hips.  He incorporates manual joint manipulation and progressive strength training to treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Tony has involved with competitive basketball, cricket, rugby and soccer at club level and enjoys bush walking and camping with his young family. He's sporting past has given him insight and allows him to realise the importance of proper training methods and biomechanics in order to prevent sport injuries.

He is now applying his Physiotherapy knowledge and Chiropractic techniques to help his clients to a speedy recovery and maintain a health spine.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys cooking and is more than happy to exchange recipes with you.

Our Services


At Welcome Health, we utilise a diverse range of modalities including: Diversified, Activator, Drop piece, Advanced Bio structural Correction (ABC), Dry needling, Ultrasound, Shockwave Therapy and active muscle releases. A patient specific rehabilitation exercises and stretches to promote an increase in movement and function.


We take a holistic view of your health and your body, assessing and treating your whole body and life to get you out of pain and functioning at your optimal best long term.

Advanced Bio-structural Correction

The Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC) is another form of chiropractic technique designed to address the mechanics of the human skeletal structure. It is used to treat a patient’s specific individual structural condition.


Through the use of the Advanced Bio-structural Correction technique, the structure of the spine is properly corrected, allowing it to return to its natural position and alleviating unnecessary strain and tension.

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Patients of Dr. David Huang (Chiropractor)

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