About Welcome Health

‘Your body is the only place

you have to stay in lifelong’

Welcome Health is only a handful of clinics nationally that has a close network of trusted health care professionals and exercise gyms/studios mostly around 5 minutes walk of the clinic (general practitioners, physiotherapists, traditional Chinese medicine, dentists, massage therapists, yoga/pilates studio, nutritionist, personal trainers). Welcome Health believes that only through a multidisciplinary and holistic approach in healthcare will most benefit patients as there is no single profession that ‘knows it all’. Each profession has their specialty and expertise. More importantly, that they all collaborate with each other with a similar health philosophy.

We have a strong passion to enhance people's posture and to educate them about proper sitting, standing, running, sleeping and working posture. Moreover, our team loves to help children and teenager improve their posture through a specialised technique for postural correction (Advanced Bio-structural Correction) .

‘It’s better to grow healthy trees than to fix broken ones’

Our team has special interest in treating:

- Back and neck pain, headaches and migraines

- Sports injuries and shoulder pain.

- Postural correction