At Welcome Health, we utilise a diverse range of modalities including: Diversified, Activator, Drop piece, Advanced Bio structural Correction (ABC), Dry needling, Ultrasound, Shockwave Therapy and active muscle releases. A patient specific rehabilitation exercises and stretches to promote an increase in movement and function.


We love to educate, so are always willing to answer any of your questions, inspire and motivate you to maintain and live a healthy and active lifestyle. Non-manipulative techniques are an alternative option to traditional manipulative practices. Our wide varieties of non-manipulative techniques (such as mobilizations, Activator, Drop piece, Dry Needling, Accustim, pelvic blocks etc) use alternative tools to help adjust your joints.

Our non-manipulative techniques are not only gentler than manipulative techniques, but they are also suitable for all ages and achieve great results. As mentioned, we take a holistic view of your health and your body, assessing and treating your whole body and life to get you out of pain and functioning at your optimal best long term.

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Drop Table

Drop table can be used to treat lower back problems such as lumbar pain, sciatica, herniation, and disc injuries. It can also be used to adjust the neck and mid back areas. This table features different sections that can be raised by about 1 to 2 inches. The chiropractor will determine which part or section of the drop table will be used, corresponding to the specific area of the spine that requires an adjustment. Once the particular section of the table is slightly raised and locked in place, the tension can be adjusted accordingly.

Advanced Bio-structural Correction

The Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC) is another form of chiropractic technique designed to address the mechanics of the human skeletal structure. It is used to treat a patient’s specific individual structural condition. Through the use of the Advanced Bio-structural Correction technique, the structure of the spine is properly corrected, allowing it to return to its natural position and alleviating unnecessary strain and tension.